CES 2017 speakers are getting much better

By 2020, you’re going to be able to hear speakers in your living room, and now, we’re finally starting to see that with a bunch of them.

TechCrunch reported that in the latest batch of CES 2017 press releases, a new set of speakers that have been developed for home theater use are getting better.

The speakers come with a new sound bar, which includes a new tweeter, new woofer, and new drivers, among other improvements.

They are being marketed under the name EcoXgear, which is also the name of a startup that builds audio products.

These speakers are being priced at $1,500, and the press release describes them as having “a large footprint, and a built-in speaker amplifier.”

That amplifier will also be able help boost the audio output of these speakers.

TechRadar’s source did say that the speakers have “the ability to deliver a higher audio level in the room,” but that is also a big caveat.

The company’s website also notes that they are also “more sensitive to sound, delivering more bass, and less distortion.”

These speakers were not listed on any of the CES 2017 brochures.

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