When will the Texans finally make the playoffs?

The NFL has been a bit more active in 2017, as well, and while the NFLPA will likely try to keep it that way through the regular season, a new, less-in-the-know league official has been appointed to handle the regular-season ticket sales and merchandising.

The man, who will be known only as Mark, has been an assistant commissioner of the NFL since 2015 and will work for the league’s executive committee.

He is a former member of the executive committee of the AFL, and also worked for the NFL and MLB.

It is unclear what role he will have at the league office, but he has experience in both the NFL office and the executive room, so it is possible he could play some role in the ticket sales.

The Texans are not expected to have a regular season home opener until the regular section of their stadium opens for business on April 10, which would be two weeks before their season opener against the Carolina Panthers.

The NFL also has a new policy to try to increase attendance in the preseason, with a new rule that will require fans to show identification at all games and allow the NFL to ticket out any games that don’t reach the maximum capacity of 25,000 fans.

The rule will be effective April 11, meaning fans won’t be able to purchase tickets until the first week of the preseason.

That would be a good time to buy a ticket and show your ID, which is not required for those who can’t afford to pay.

The rule will also be effective for the 2018 season, meaning there is a good chance to find a place to buy your ticket.

The new rule is the latest in a series of changes to the NFL’s ticket policy over the last two years, with the most notable being the new “no face-covering” policy for the 2017 season, which made it illegal for fans to cover their faces during games.

There have been no changes to that rule since then, so that has not stopped fans from trying to do so, but it has led to an increase in the number of people who are charged with a ticket violation.

The next rule change in the league is to change the way the season is advertised, with ticket prices beginning at the regular prices for each game and going up as the season progresses.

The current season is the most expensive in NFL history, and there are several factors that have led to that.

First and foremost, the price increase was caused by a decrease in demand in the NFL, which has led many fans to spend less on tickets.

Fans are also increasingly interested in buying their tickets through online ticket resellers.

A lack of tickets on the secondary market has also contributed to a decrease.

Ticket prices are also lower because the NFL has put out a series to help increase the number and popularity of local sports teams.

While the league has put the money in the hands of the teams, the fans are left to figure out how to get the money they are due.

Many people are choosing to go to bars and bars instead of paying the $35 or $50 prices they would normally pay to watch their favorite team.

This is not the first time that the NFL will be facing criticism for its ticket policies.

Earlier this year, the NFL was criticized for its “No Face-coverings” policy, which banned players from wearing any type of protective gear while on the field.

Many fans and fans of other sports have also questioned how much it cost to get tickets to games this year.

The issue was brought up by a number of fans in the wake of the Panthers loss to the Broncos in Week 1, and a number are questioning the NFLs commitment to fans.

The NFL is currently facing criticism after a fan was denied entry to a Broncos home game because she had a ticket to the Panthers game, which ended up costing the team $200 in refunds.

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