Apple Watch’s new “Voice” functionality, dubbed “VoiceX,” could be the next big thing for speakers

Apple has announced that it’s bringing a new “voice” functionality to the Apple Watch.

As we’ve mentioned before, Apple has long been rumored to be working on an “in-house” voice system for the Watch, and this could potentially open the door for new, powerful speakers.

If this turns out to be the case, it could open up the potential for a new speaker to be built right into the Watch.

That’s because the speaker itself would be based on a different component from the speaker in the Apple TV, which is where the “voiceX” feature comes from.

The Apple Watch has always had a fairly basic speaker design that is used for volume, playback, and even Siri, so this is the first time that Apple has been able to take a more sophisticated approach to its speaker design.

The new feature will likely be a new button on the left side of the Watch that would allow you to turn on a feature called “Voice,” which would let you tell the Watch what audio it should be playing.

VoiceX is designed to help users with a variety of speech disorders, including those who can’t speak, those who have difficulty understanding what the speaker is saying, or those who don’t understand how to pronounce words.

The company has also created a “VoiceKit” application that would let users send messages to the Watch through Siri, making it easy for them to communicate with the Watch’s built-in microphone.

There’s also a feature for users to use the Watch as a speaker for videos, music, or other media.

While we haven’t had a chance to test it, it looks like the feature is compatible with all Apple TV models.

This could open the Watch up to a wide range of new audio solutions, including the kind of speaker that could potentially be used for speakers in other devices.

Apple has also promised a new software update to the watch that will bring new support for voice support.

If all of these are to be implemented properly, the Apple Watches next big feature could be its own “Voice app,” similar to the Siri app on the iPhone.

While it will still be a bit of a leap forward for the AppleWatch, we’d be surprised if it didn’t eventually be the most powerful speaker in Apple’s lineup.

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