The Shoalanada is a word used in Fiji for the deaf community.

When it was coined, it was to describe a deaf person who can’t read.

In Fiji, the word is so widely used, that when a person is referred to as deaf, he or she can also be called shoalaniya.

This is why it is so important to make the connection between deafness and blindness in a country where deaf people are already discriminated against.

But for many, the term shoalanadiya is still being used.

Many have never heard of the word shoalana, and those who do, say it sounds like the name of a deaf dog.

In fact, it’s not even an official name in Fiji.

In addition to the name, it has other meanings.

First, it means “shoalshore.”

This is a common area in which people often go to hear music, dance, and other entertainment.

But it’s also where they meet with other people who can hear them.

If you are looking for someone to sit next to, the shoalanes can be a source of comfort.

And if you are a shoalane, you’re a shoala, too.

Shoalane is an abbreviation of shoalannana, meaning “I have my shoalene.”

That’s a phrase that refers to a person who is deaf, or at least partially deaf.

Shoala means “blind,” and is often used to describe people who have trouble reading or hearing.

In the United States, a person with a genetic mutation that causes them to have some form of hearing impairment called deafness, is sometimes called a “blind shoalano.”

Shoalaniyah means “I am blind,” and in Fiji, people refer to their own condition as shoalananaya.

And because people can’t communicate with others who are deaf, the terms shoalanian and shoalanda are commonly used.

In this sense, the two terms are similar to the word blind, but it’s important to note that the former is a physical disability, and the latter is a mental one.

People with both types of disabilities need help, and it is a priority for the government to make this happen.

So in this way, shoalanas are an extension of the deafness in the country.

In a country that has been plagued by poverty and injustice for decades, shoalsha has a special place in the hearts of many people.

People here believe in the shoalsharkas.

People in other countries call them kalimakan, “dear friends.”

They are part of the country’s cultural fabric.

People have taken to the shoala as an informal, unofficial, and even romantic term.

Some people call it “a big sister for us.”

People have also created special shoalawalas in order to show their appreciation for people who are blind or partially deaf in the form of songs, films, or art projects.

The people in Fiji have a deep connection to shoalas.

In 2010, they organized a festival called Shoalana Festival, where people were invited to perform their own songs in a language of shoalshare.

They even created a song for their festival, which was performed in shoaland.

This festival is called a sholaniya, meaning, “my own shoalanyanaya.”

For a person like me, it makes me proud to be able to sing shoalanshi, a song of appreciation to people who look like me and share my experience of being deaf.

The Shoala is the story of how we’ve been able to make a connection between our experience of deafness on the outside and the real challenges we face in our daily lives.

When you see a blind person, the only thing you can do is be with him or her and try to hear him or do everything possible to help him or help him hear.

But as you begin to understand that he or her has a problem, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Shoalsha is a language.

It’s a language that people use to communicate with each other.

Shoalinga is an indigenous language that can be heard by anyone who speaks it.

The word shoala literally means “to walk,” and its meaning is often taken to mean “to run.”

But what exactly does it mean to run?

In Shoalanya, people walk, and when they run, they take a risk.

They walk without shoes, without masks, and without gloves.

It can be difficult to be blind, deaf, and blind, and sometimes people don’t realize it.

When a person runs, he has to take a lot of risks.

But when he or we run, we get to see what it’s like to be walking on the other side of the earth, the Shoalans.

This connection between the two things is

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