How loud can you hear a Bluetooth speaker from an apartment?

If you’ve got a bluetooth earpiece, you can now test your own home for the loudest sound.

The company iHome has partnered with Loudspeaker to build an app that helps you measure the loudness of your Bluetooth speaker.

iHome, which is a division of iHome Labs, will host a test with 10 speakers in homes across the country.

The test will take place in March, according to a statement from the company.iHome will be able to provide you with the exact sound pressure level you’re hearing in your home, the company said.

In the past, speakers with an internal microphone were used to measure how loud a speaker was, which resulted in false readings.

The tests are expected to take place during the last week of March.

The company also said it plans to publish the results of the tests on the iHome website.iHeartMedia also said in a statement it would host the test, which will take places in March.

It said the company will be the only company participating in the test.

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