Why do some people find themselves glued to their computers and mobile devices?

In Australia, there are currently no national laws governing the use of laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices in the workplace, but that may soon change.

In the wake of a new study published in the journal Occupational Health & Safety, a number of studies have found that people with certain conditions such as migraines, anxiety or depression tend to prefer to use their laptops or mobile devices during the workday.

The new research was conducted by Dr Andrew O’Brien, from the School of Public Health and the Department of Health and Ageing, at the University of Adelaide and the Australian Centre for Ageing Research, at Griffith University.

Dr O’Brian said he wanted to see whether the use or availability of laptops and mobile phones in the workplace affected people’s psychological wellbeing.

“If people feel more comfortable using their laptop or mobile device during the day, they’ll feel better and it may reduce their stress levels,” Dr O’Brien said.

He said there had been a number published studies that suggested the use and use of tablets and other similar devices had positive effects on mental health.

It was interesting to see that people were actually more likely to use tablets or laptops if they were experiencing a medical condition like migraine, he said.

“When they’re having their headache they’re more likely than others to use a tablet or laptop.

People may have a more positive experience using tablets or mobile phones when they are experiencing a symptom of a medical conditions,” Dr Darryl Coughlan, a professor of occupational health at the National University of Singapore, said.

“They may feel better.

What we found was that they were more likely if they’re experiencing migrainesis, they’re using a tablet for the day and they’re also more likely for them to have a positive experience with a tablet.”

Dr O’dBrien said he hoped his findings would inform the wider debate about the use, safety and benefits of these devices.

According to the study, researchers asked more than 500 people with conditions such to migrainics, anxiety and depression to complete an online survey.

Half of the participants were randomly assigned to use laptops and the other half to use tablet computers.

The survey also asked about how often they used mobile phones and if they had a particular condition such as depression or anxiety.

“We found that if people are using their tablet for a particular purpose, they were much more likely in the group to report feeling happier and more positive,” Dr Coughlon said.

Dr O’drien said he believed the use-and-use of tablets was linked to mental health problems.

“[I think] people are more likely use a device if they have a mental condition that they’re anxious about,” he said.

Dr O’sBrien said his findings should be useful for employers to think about, and should be discussed with their staff.””

If you’re on a work trip, for example, you might find yourself spending more time at your desk.”

Dr O’sBrien said his findings should be useful for employers to think about, and should be discussed with their staff.

“Employers should be mindful that people who use a computer or mobile phone for work may be more likely or less likely to have mental health conditions, such as a chronic condition,” he wrote.

While there was no specific reason why people would prefer using their tablets or other mobile device, he suggested that there was a correlation between how much they used them and how satisfied they were with their workplace.

“A good device is a good device, but if it’s a little bit expensive, or not that comfortable, it may not be the best choice,” Dr Tod Kornheiser, a psychologist from the University and one of the study’s co-authors, said in a statement.

“It may be the case that people use their tablets for work to improve productivity, but this is probably because they’re happier and happier with their work, rather than because they feel better or more satisfied.”


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