How to change the sound of your bluetooth speakers without breaking the bank

If you’re looking to get your wireless speakers louder, there are a few things you can do to get the most bang for your buck.


Put the speaker on a wall or ceiling.

Some speakers will be able to do this.

You can use a flat surface or a wall outlet for the speaker, but you’ll need a flat area on the wall or a ceiling that’s wide enough for the speakers to pass through.

This will also allow you to make adjustments to the speaker to give it the best sound.


Add an extra cable.

If you already have a pair of speakers that have a built-in Bluetooth connection, you can add another one to the system.

The added cable will allow you the ability to stream music and other media to your speakers while still having an easy connection to your smartphone or tablet.


Use the same cable to both the speaker and the speakers on the phone or tablet you’re using to listen to music.

You could use the same audio cable for the Bluetooth connection and the Bluetooth speakers.

This won’t break up the signal and will give you the best possible sound quality.


Make your own audio cable.

You may already have the necessary parts to do so.

Just take a pair or three of straight-edge connectors, cut a hole in the center and insert the plug into the hole.

Now plug the other end of the cable into the center hole of your phone or other device, plug the headphones in, and voila!

You’ve got a wired speaker.


Add Bluetooth to your phone.

You should be able, at least, to make your phone act as a Bluetooth speaker.

Plug your phone into the same USB port as your Bluetooth speakers and it will connect to the phone wirelessly.

The Bluetooth speaker will automatically respond to your voice and respond to incoming calls and text messages.


Adjust your Bluetooth settings on your phone’s settings page.

On the Bluetooth settings page, you’ll see the Bluetooth audio settings.

On each side of the Bluetooth setting, you will see a little “SRC” or “Bluetooth Radio” icon.

These are the settings you’ll be able adjust to have your speakers respond to the Bluetooth signals of your phones.


Add the Bluetooth headset.

The headset will automatically connect to your device when the phone is connected to the same Bluetooth port as the Bluetooth speaker, and it’s easy to adjust the volume of the headset when you’re not using the Bluetooth device.

If your Bluetooth headset isn’t working, try turning off the Bluetooth feature of your device.


Add your phone to the list of Bluetooth speakers you own.

If the Bluetooth microphone is connected, your phone will automatically start listening for incoming calls, and when you answer the call, the microphone will be heard and the audio will be displayed.


Make sure the headset works with your Bluetooth device before you buy.

It may be a bit of a hassle to get everything working with the headset, but once everything is in place, you should be all set.


Enjoy your new Bluetooth speaker!

Check out our list of the best Bluetooth speakers for the best quality.

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