SONOS S4 wireless speaker is an outdoor speaker wire for outdoors, too

SONY is launching a wireless speaker wire that plugs into your wall, and its called Sonos S4 Wireless Speaker.

The wireless speaker, which will cost $99, comes with a 12-foot wireless wire that’s compatible with all your outdoor speakers.

The device has a 4K audio output and has wireless charging built in, as well.

The S4 comes in three colors, and it’ll be available at the Apple store on October 20th, and online in November.

The wireless speaker’s a great addition to the S4 line, because it allows you to connect all your Sonos speakers from the same place.

You can now have a wireless sound system that will play music wherever you are, regardless of your location.

It’s a smart move by Sony to include a wireless audio solution that’s more powerful than a Bluetooth speaker.

The company’s not saying how many wireless speakers will be sold, but we assume that there’s going to be plenty of room for the S5 Wireless Speaker that is expected to launch this year.

We’re not expecting a lot of wireless speakers from Sony at the moment, as the company is still working on the S6.

We don’t think Sony will launch a wireless receiver for the Xperia Z, as it’s not a flagship phone anymore.

That means we won’t be seeing much wireless speakers in 2018.

We’re also not expecting Sony to release any new Sonos speaker products this year, because the company has made it clear that they want to focus on their flagship lineup of speakers.

But this is a great device that can help with your outdoor music needs, especially if you want to make a great outdoor sound experience.

We recommend checking out the S3 Wireless Speaker, which comes with an 8-foot wire.

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