Why you should pay attention to the Vivitar blu-ray speakers

You may not be able to tell from the image above, but this speaker from Vivitar isn’t the only high-end Bluetooth speaker available for a little over $400.

The company just announced a new pair of Bluetooth speakers, the Vivitas, that are even more advanced than the company’s other speakers.

These speakers have the ability to deliver the same level of sound as a $800 pair of speakers.

You’ll have to be prepared to spend $500 or more for the Vivita Bluetooth speakers as they are designed for use with an older Bluetooth speaker, but if you can get the Viviita speakers, you’ll be able hear even better sound quality.

The Vivitas can take your music from the speaker, to a phone, or even your phone.

The speakers are built to the latest standards for Bluetooth, so if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker for use at home, you should seriously consider the Vivis.

The new Vivitar speakers are available in a variety of colors, and they will also be available in black and white.

You can pre-order the Vivitars now at Amazon.com, Best Buy, Amazon.ca, and select retailers.

The price tag for the new Vivitars is $399.99, which is a little higher than the Vivs that we reviewed earlier this year.

The speaker is made by the company that makes Vivitar headphones, and the company says that it has over a year of experience making Bluetooth speakers.

The device is currently only available in white and black, but the company has promised to release the black versions of the speakers in the future.

You may be wondering why you should care about the Vivitars speakers at all, and that is because the Vivits are incredibly good speakers.

This is because Vivitar is able to offer a lot of different sound modes.

For example, the speakers have a variable bass range that can be set to a range from the quietest of bass to the loudest of treble.

The range of sound is adjustable to your liking, and each Vivitar speaker is rated at a maximum output of 200 watts.

You will also need to have a speaker with a wired connection that supports Bluetooth 5.0, which allows you to connect to the speaker wirelessly.

Vivitar has also released a free app for iOS and Android that lets you control the Viviatas via Bluetooth.

These are great options if you want to use these speakers at home and they are affordable as well.

The Bluetooth speaker will be coming to select retailers, and you can preorder them today.

The only drawback to these speakers is that the Bluetooth connection will need to be wired.

The audio quality is good, but they are not perfect.

If you want a high-quality speaker, these will likely be the speakers for you.

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