Tawakkul: A journalist’s life in the Philippines

A journalist from the Philippines has been charged with “aggravated defamation” after he allegedly insulted President Rodrigo Duterte, a judge said Wednesday.

Tawikkul Ibrahim, 40, was arrested after he posted a video on Facebook that showed him yelling at Duterte at the start of a May 6 rally, according to a ruling by a Manila court.

He was arrested on May 7 after posting a video of himself yelling at the president in an anti-Duterte video that was uploaded on the same day, according the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The video was titled “Let Duterte be Duterte”, according to the ruling.

It showed Ibrahim shouting at Duterte, “You’re going to burn in hell,” and “Don’t you ever have to live in a country like this again,” the court said in its ruling.

The judge’s order came in a hearing in Manila’s Manila District Court.

The Philippine Daily News said that the video was filmed during the rally that saw Duterte take to the stage at the Philippines International Convention Center.

Ibrahim was initially arrested on the basis of a complaint filed by the Philippine National Police against him on May 5.

The complaint was later dropped, the newspaper reported.

The arrest of Ibrahim comes as Duterte faces fresh criticism over his war on drugs and police brutality, after police killed his brother, Joseph, in a raid in Davao City.

The killing of Ibrahim’s brother, who was also a journalist, sparked an outcry from human rights groups.

Duterte’s anti-drug campaign has been a source of outrage for many Filipinos, especially after he said that he would not allow a person to be killed while on drugs.

Human rights groups have called on the government to investigate the killing.

The Philippines has a history of strong anti-government sentiment and a reputation for being an autocratic, authoritarian country.

The Duterte administration has blamed human rights abuses on the country’s enemies and the United States, though its allies say they are victims of an aggressive anti-democratic campaign by the United Nations and other foreign powers.

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