When Apple finally lets you talk on the iPhone

When Apple eventually lets you speak on the phone, you will be able to get a quick summary of the company’s newest features, even if you are not using the iPhone.

Apple has not yet announced any features, but we do know that you can request a summary for any feature that is important to you.

A summary of every Apple product will be available to you when you request it, so you can check up on what features you might be interested in, and then you can send it directly to the Apple Support Team to get them to add it.

Apple may also give you a quick overview of what’s new, or how it differs from previous versions of the iPhone, such as the iOS 9.1, which introduced the ability to send messages through the Messages app, and iOS 9, which brought new features like Siri.

Apple might also include a list of any upcoming hardware updates that are currently available, and Apple will notify you if a new update is released.

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