Bluetooth speakers can be found on the beach, beachfronts and on the road

A new wireless speaker is getting a lot of attention in the outdoor music community.

It’s called the Marshall bluetooth loudspeaker, and it’s the latest addition to the portable Bluetooth speaker craze.

The device is also the latest in a line of portable Bluetooth speakers that includes speakers on the market, and there are some similarities between the Marshall and other portable Bluetooth devices.

However, the Marshall is a bit different in that it has a built-in subwoofers.

Marshall says the speaker is designed to play a wider range of music, and that it can be used for both music and movies.

The speaker can also be used as a set-top box.

The speakers are also compatible with Apple and Android smartphones.

Marshall is not a household name in the audio world, but the speaker does sell for less than $400.

That’s a bargain compared to many of the cheaper wireless speaker offerings, and the Marshall has some good reviews.

However at this time, the speakers are only available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

That means the Marshall’s sales in Canada are still relatively small.

The Marshall’s reviews are fairly short and generally positive, and many of its reviewers praise the speaker’s low price point.

There are some drawbacks to the Marshall, such as the lack of a headphone jack, and a low-res audio output.

For music lovers, the high-resolution audio is also a problem.

The sound quality of the Marshall seems to be a little lacking compared to the quality of some of the best portable Bluetooth headphones.

But it’s still an impressive speaker, and its price and range make it an appealing buy for anyone who’s looking to add some more audio to their portable audio system.

It comes with a Bluetooth headset, which is handy for people who don’t have a Bluetooth earbuds.

The headphones are also waterproof, which can be a great option if you’re trying to protect your phone from water splashes.

The Bluetooth speaker is only compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

That includes Android smartphones and Windows tablets, and Windows PCs.

There’s also a Windows PC version available, but it’s not compatible with any of the mobile platforms.

But that’s probably because it’s just a port of the iPhone and iPad apps, and doesn’t work with any other Windows versions.

The Android version is the one that has the lowest ratings on Amazon.

It doesn’t appear to have many reviews on Amazon, and I don’t think anyone else has seen it.

The reviews are largely positive, though some reviewers have complained about the lack a headphone output.

There was one review, however, that said the Marshall isn’t a great portable Bluetooth headphone.

That review was written by John Hodge, a music lover who says that the Marshall was the only Bluetooth speaker he used for music and movie listening.

“The only thing it does for me is give me an earbud,” he wrote.

“I can’t listen to music on it, and have to switch over to headphones, but when I do use it, it does a very good job of delivering that sound to my ears.”

The reviews seem to indicate that the speaker works pretty well, but if you have headphones that are less than a decade old, you’ll need to pay more for a quality pair of headphones.

There aren’t a lot wireless speakers available today, and if you can’t afford a lot more than $300, you might want to look elsewhere.

Marshall will have a limited number of the speakers available for pre-order starting March 12.

The company says the product is shipping in the next few weeks.

If you want to know more about the speaker, you can watch the video below.

You can find out more about wireless speakers, as well as a full list of Bluetooth speakers on Amazon: What to know about wireless audio technology:

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