How Apple’s new Bluetooth speaker stands stack up to the likes of the Amazon Echo, Sonos, and Amazon Echo Dot

The Apple speaker stands aren’t the only thing that have taken up Apple’s workspace lately, but they’ve been the company’s main source of distraction.

A slew of smart home devices and devices designed to take your Apple TV out of the home have been on the market, and Apple is continuing to make sure the company has an army of Siri-powered devices ready to be used on your Apple Watch, as well as the iPhone and iPad.

The Apple Watch is already a pretty convenient addition to the companys lineup, thanks to its ability to track your heart rate and sleep patterns, as opposed to just the time.

It also supports voice control, which is nice for getting directions or making phone calls while watching movies or playing games, but it also requires an external microphone to make it work.

That means that Apple has had to make its speaker stands work with a lot of external devices.

Apple is looking to do away with that for the Apple Watch Series 3, with the company announcing a pair of new stand designs that will sit atop the Apple TV.

The first is called the “A” series, and it’s just a standard Apple speaker stand that looks like an ordinary speaker stand.

It comes in a few different colors, and while Apple has said that this stand will “fit most Apple Watch models, we recommend the Apple Series 3 Series 2 Series 1,” we’re told that it won’t fit the Apple Watches that Apple is launching today.

It will however fit the Series 3’s standard Apple Watch Edition models, though.

The second stand is called “B” series and it will have a slightly different look.

It’s slightly taller than the first, and will come in a black and red color scheme, with a red button on top to activate the Siri Remote.

You’ll also notice that the button is in a more traditional position, and that the speaker is slightly wider.

Both stand designs will also include a second microphone, which means you can use Siri to control the device with your voice, which will be useful when you’re trying to make calls or play games.

The Apple TV is the only device that will be supported by this new design.

The third stand will also feature an Apple Watch Face.

We’ll have more details on Apple’s Series 3 stand designs as they become available.

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