Trump’s speech: ‘I’ll never stop fighting for our people’

The Donald’s campaign is calling the former president’s address to Congress tonight “historic,” saying the president’s words are “not just the right words, they are the only words.”

Trump, who has repeatedly railed against President Barack Obama’s policies, told the House of Representatives that the country needs to “come together and make America great again.”

Trump said that the American people want a president who is “tough, smart, tough and tough as nails.”

“Our time has come,” Trump said.

“It’s time for a new direction, it’s time to unite and to do what’s right for America.

It’s time.”

Trump also criticized Obama for the Affordable Care Act, saying he is “the greatest lawbreaker in history” and saying the law is a “disaster.”

“The American people have spoken,” Trump declared.

“They’re tired of hearing about the broken promises, the failed policies, the broken policies of this president.

They want the real things, and they want them right now.

It is time for President Trump to finally make America Great Again!”

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