Apple, Qualcomm to partner on speaker wirelessly

Qualcomm and Apple are set to unveil a new wireless speaker on Wednesday, and it’s one that will let users wirelessly stream audio directly to their phones via the company’s latest flagship device.

The new wireless speakers will be unveiled at an event held at the Apple store in San Francisco, according to The Verge, which also notes that the wireless devices will be available to purchase in retail stores starting Wednesday.

Apple has a number of wireless speakers, including the rumored Apple AirPods, but the AirPuds have yet to be confirmed as the next wireless speaker.

The new AirPodcasts will reportedly have “full Bluetooth and WiFi support,” the Verge said.

Apple is expected to unveil its first wireless speaker in the coming weeks.

The company’s rumored wireless speaker, dubbed AirPod, is slated to be released in March.

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