How to speak your mind in the face of a tsunami threat

A man has spoken out about the impact of a super typhoon on the Japanese economy and said it is up to the government to fix it.

The Japanese government announced on Wednesday that a typhoon hit northern Japan on Sunday that killed more than 200 people and displaced more than 5 million people.

The super typhoons, also known as monsoon storms, are powerful typhoons that can reach speeds of more than 100 kilometres per hour (60 mph) and travel at speeds of up to 150 kilometres per day.

They are typically stronger than hurricanes, but there are rare instances where they can be strong enough to knock out power grids.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said the threat of super typhons is “one of the most important issues to consider” as he seeks to address a deepening economic slump.

The government said on Tuesday that nearly 10,000 people have been killed by super typhones, and nearly 6 million have been left homeless.

More than 2 million people have lost their homes, including about 3 million in the worst-hit areas.

The tsunami has killed at least 10,700 people, most of them in the eastern prefecture of Kyushu.

More than 11,000 have died in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture.

The National Disaster Management Agency said Tuesday that about 1.4 million homes were without power, with 1.7 million still without running water.

More from GlobalPost:Super typhoon: Japan hits hard on Japan earthquake crisisMore from the BBC:The government warned people to evacuate the affected areas as early as Monday, saying it was likely to bring severe flooding to areas.

Some of the areas hardest hit were parts of Okinawa prefecture, home to Japan’s biggest military base, which was hit hard by a super storm last year.

Many people who live there have been forced to leave, and many are now without power.

The typhoon also devastated parts of southern Okinawa, where many of the 1.3 million people are based.

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