Danish speaker emoji ‘crossover’ speaks with UK speaker countries

The Danish speaking countries are becoming more and more familiar with one another, but are they talking to each other?

Danish speaker icons are more familiar than English speakers are, and they’re beginning to cross borders too.

This week, the Danish government released a set of speakers icons, which are essentially a guide to the countries in which speakers are able to use their respective voice-recognition systems to communicate.

The Danish language is currently considered to be a minority language in Denmark, so the Danish authorities wanted to make sure that speakers were able to communicate with each other across borders.

According to a press release from the Danish Embassy in London, speakers are not allowed to use one language to speak to the other.

If a Danish speaker is in the United Kingdom, they’re required to use the Danish spoken language in order to use English.

For example, in the UK, if you’re a British speaker of Danish, you’ll need to speak Danish in order for you to be able to say the word “danish”.

But, as soon as a Danish speaking country is able to recognize a speaker, they will be able use their own language, regardless of the language they’re using.

Speaker icons can be useful for the British, but they also serve as an important reminder that we’re not all the same in Denmark.

“The aim of the project was to highlight that Danish speakers can have a wide range of communication skills across the borders of the Danish and British states,” a spokesperson for the Danish embassy told The Verge.

“For example a Danish-speaking speaker could be able, for example, to speak English to a British person from the UK.

This makes it possible to have an even more nuanced relationship between Denmark and the UK.”

Speakers are required to speak both English and Danish to communicate, but the country with the most speakers is Denmark.

There are currently more than 20 million Danish speakers in the country, which is a far cry from the 2.4 million who speak English in the rest of the United States.

Even though the country’s official languages are different, many of the symbols can be read as a way of expressing that difference.

The speaker icon for Denmark is often shown in the form of a circle with an ellipsis around it.

While the circle is a symbol of a country, it’s a simple way of showing the language that a speaker speaks.

In addition to the circles, the speaker icons have a few other meanings as well.

Many countries, such as the UK and Canada, have adopted the symbol of the cross on the sign for the country that has the highest number of speakers.

Similarly, the symbol for Denmark has also been adopted by countries such as Denmark and Finland, which have both adopted a symbol that represents the Danish national flag.

Although it may seem confusing to many, the language icons are intended to help people to understand how Danish speakers interact with each of their respective countries.

They help communicate their cultural differences and cultural traditions.

As a language, Danish is a mixture of English and Dutch.

The country also has several dialects.

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