Español: España la muerte de la raza para los lígenes

A man who says he speaks only English, and who calls himself a “jabra” speaker, has become a national celebrity in Spain.

He speaks only Spanish and he wears a hoodie.

In fact, he calls himself Jabra, the Arabic name for his accent, which he says is not his own.

The man is a speaker in Spanish and is known as “La Muerte”, and he is known for his unorthodox ways.

He’s even been seen at a baseball game in the town of Paseo de la Reforma, in the Spanish region of Aragon, and on television.

But he has attracted a huge following, and people are coming to his events and even buying tickets for his upcoming concerts, according to the Associated Press news agency.

His appearance has inspired people to write letters and posters, and he even has his own Twitter account.

He even got a hit with a poster saying “La muerme, la noche, la frontera” (“The person who speaks the truth, not the one who tells lies”), a reference to the Spanish word for truth.

He is now the focus of a national campaign by Spanish President Sergio Mattarella, which aims to encourage people to become bilingual.

He has also spoken to celebrities, politicians, and others about his “languages,” which he describes as “a part of who I am,” said Jose Luis Sánchez, a lawyer who heads the Spanish Bar Association’s Committee for Legal Protection of the English Language.

His fans have taken to social media to call him a “sociopath,” and he’s even called for the cancellation of his upcoming concert in Barcelona.

“They don’t know that the person they’ve chosen to see is a sociopath,” Sánchet said.

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