Book Review: Anderson’s ‘The Sonnet’

By Sarah Tiana Thomson, News Editor – 24 March 2018In the world of literature, there’s a place for everything from literary thrillers to historical thrillers.

For one of the year’s best novelists, however, there is no denying that Anderson’s “The Sonnets” has been a success.

“The sonnet” is a play on the words of Shakespeare’s sonnet in which two brothers have a son, but are also destined to be lovers.

A brilliant, lyrical and engaging novel that is a delight to read, the story of the two brothers and their struggles is the kind of thing that will resonate with readers who love history and literature, as well as those who just want to sit back and enjoy some light reading.

This book, however…is not just about history.

It’s about two brothers, two sons, two fathers and two lives.

The story takes place in the early 20th century, when a pair of Irish brothers set off to seek fame and fortune, which is something that is not so easy for them.

The novel opens with them in London, trying to find work, and in a world where many of their peers had fallen into poverty, it is not long before they have their first taste of fame.

It is, however: the book begins with a young man named William, who is very much the son of fortune, but also of tragedy and the human condition.

It also begins with William’s brother, Henry, a man who seems to be very much like his father, as he is a tragic hero who has had many failures and has a terrible temper.

This is not to say that this is a perfect characterisation of William, but it is an accurate portrayal of him.

This isn’t just a characterisation, it’s a story.

And the book is full of moments that show how a character can be very complex and how he can be misunderstood, even in the best of times.

The opening scene of the novel has the two boys, William and Henry, on a train, and it is very telling of the character of William and how the two are able to connect, despite being two very different men.

Henry’s brother and brother-in-law, James, is a much more complex character, a tragic, but loving man who is also very much affected by his son’s mental state.

There are moments of tragedy that have me thinking, “Is he really the son that his father was, or is he just another character in a different story?”

And of course there is the fact that both of these characters are in the same boat, and yet they can’t seem to understand each other, or even understand each of the other’s actions.

The book is also full of good times, but there are also times of sorrow, and the book also has the great tragedy of the loss of William’s sister, Charlotte, who dies in a car accident at the end of the book.

This, along with the tragedy of Charlotte’s death, is the beginning of what the novel calls “the sonnets” and this is where “TheSonnets” shines.

The book begins in a very dark, but very good place for the reader.

In this bleak and harsh world, where tragedy is everywhere, the characters are struggling to find a way to survive, but they also struggle to find ways to find hope.

The only person who has any hope is Charlotte, the one who has given birth to William.

Charlotte has always wanted to be a writer and to write for her son, and she has been the main source of inspiration for all of the characters.

The novels, in particular, are about the struggle of two men, William, the son and heir to fortune, and Henry the son who has lost his brother and has lost the chance to be anything more than a tragic figure.

This means that the characters in the novel have their own struggles as well.

The two sons’ relationship is not perfect.

Both are struggling with how they feel about William, with Henry, and with themselves.

It may be difficult for the readers to empathise with the two, and they may even struggle to relate to one another.

But it is the way that these two characters are affected by the loss that has been so rewarding to read.

This is also the book that has the most tragedy.

The first time the two sons are travelling, they are at the train station.

There is a huge crowd there and there is a man named John, who has been killed in the line of duty.

John’s widow, Mary, is extremely upset about this, and wants to get away from the crowd and to go home to her family.

She does not want to go with her husband.

The man who kills her husband, John, is now an officer in the Royal Irish Constabulary, and is trying to get William and the others to join the police force, which would mean a chance for them to survive in a police

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