How to Speak With Dragons: Speak Now, Dragon Speak Now

How to Talk to Dragons: How to talk to dragons. 

If you’re in the middle of a long interview, I suggest that you do some of the following before you start talking to a dragon: If the dragon is talking to you, ask, “Why are you here?” 

“Why are we here?”

“Why is it that you’re here?”

If the dragon tells you that you have to be a good person, be friendly and respectful.

If the Dragon says, “Be a good human,” ask, “What kind of human?” 

If a dragon says,  “It’s time to get a real job,” or “We’re just waiting for someone to hire us,” be respectful.

If a Dragon says something like, “I can’t get a job,” ask, “What can I do?” 

(You might get more polite when the dragon says “I could help you.”) 

Ask, “Can you please stop this conversation?”

If you want to ask a question, do it now, before you speak to a real dragon. 

“Can you give me the address of this building?”

“Can I tell you a secret?”

If a dragon asks, “Where is the rest of the company?” 

Ask about your future job and why you need a job. 

Ask if you can borrow money for your future trips.

If you can’t, you can ask the dragon to help you out. 

You can also ask the Dragon if it wants you to bring food for your family or to help them get groceries. 

The Dragon will tell you,  “You know I’ve got lots of food, don’t you?

You don’t need any of that. 

But I need you to know that I’ve had a lot of trouble getting any of this food. 

I don’t know why.” 

The dragon will tell your family that the food is for them, but if you’re an adult and you need help, you will be able to ask it to do that for you. 

Be polite, and you’ll be treated with respect by the Dragon. 

(If you need more advice, you could ask a Dragon if he has a specific job that you need.) 

Ask the Dragon what it would be like to be the owner of a business. 

 If it’s not a business, the Dragon will ask,  “What is it like for you to own a business?” 

When the Dragon asks this, it will tell the Dragon that you’ll never have to worry about how the business is run. 

When you ask the question, “Would you like to learn how to operate a business in your life?”, the Dragon will tell you to ask the person next to you.

The person next your door will give you the answer.

Once you’ve answered the question correctly, the Dragon will be happy to answer it to you if you want. 

And you can keep the answer if you need it. 

It’s really helpful if the Dragon tells you, “You have to learn the basics, because you won’t be able to do anything.” 

If I was a Dragon, I would ask, Why are you doing this? 

(There are a lot more answers that I would write down, but I won’t get into them here.) 

“I need you and your family to learn a lot about life. 

This job is going to take you a lot longer than you think it will.” 

“This job will take you more than you thought it would. 

Why are your family and I spending so much time doing something that you don’t really want to do?”

“Why is this so difficult for you?”

 If someone is going through something difficult with a Dragon that tells you something like “It’s so hard for you,” it can help you focus on the positive aspects of life.

“Why don’t we just go home and let it go?

We’ll have a little rest and we can relax.” 

You’ll need to remember that the Dragon is trying to help, not hurt you.

It doesn’t want to hurt you and you shouldn’t let it hurt you that it wants to help. 

Do the following: When a Dragon asks you,   “How can I help you?” 

, ask “Is there something you can do to help?” 

For example, if you have some questions about how the Dragon works, say, “How does it work?” 

The Dragon will say,   “We are all part of the Dragon family. 

Every day, we work together to make sure that everyone has a good life.” 

 The reason that the Dragon wants to be helpful to you is that he wants to make you a better person. 

Now, if a Dragon wants to ask

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