When it comes to the world of speaker, Apple doesn’t get it – a new study

The smartphone market is about to enter a new phase of innovation and the speaker market is no exception.

A new study by Consumer Reports has found that the two biggest players in the speaker space – Apple and Google – are faring less well than the companies they compete with.

Apple is the world’s largest speaker market, and the company’s market share is on the rise.

Google is second.

And both companies are struggling to stay ahead of rivals Samsung and HTC.

In fact, Samsung’s share of the market for speaker sales is declining, and it is struggling to compete with the growing popularity of Android.

HTC’s market shares have also been declining, but it is still one of the best-selling smartphone manufacturers in the world.

As a result, both companies have started to invest heavily in speakers to compete against their rivals.

The report said the speakers in the latest iPhones were significantly better than the ones in the previous generation, and both companies had done a better job of improving their speakers.

But the biggest reason for this decline in speaker sales, the report found, is because Apple and Android are “increasingly using inferior speaker technologies” and they are “failing to innovate” enough to get better speakers. 

What’s wrong with the iPhone 7?

The Consumer Reports report also highlighted a problem that is plaguing Apple and other large smartphone manufacturers: poor battery life.

It said that in some cases, the speakers can get up to 90 percent of their battery life before the batteries completely charge.

According to Consumer Reports, consumers who use Apple’s and Google’s devices tend to use them for a few hours a day.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6S lasted an average of 2.4 hours before it died, the most of any smartphone ever released.

Apple and Google have responded to the report by pointing out that their phones don’t charge all that much, and that they are using a lot of batteries.

For example, Apple claims that the iPhone SE can run for three hours before needing to be recharged.

“The iPhone 7 is going to run much, much longer,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

Cook said the company was “doing everything we can to make it a lot better,” and said it is “working hard to improve battery life.”

Apple also has launched an upgrade program, which allows consumers to buy an extra phone, and has released a new smartphone with a redesigned display that will be more energy efficient.

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