How to buy a Jaguar Jaguar JBL speaker

By Andrew Luck | ESPN Credential • Dec 18, 2018 4:08am GMTJaguar will be launching its own line of speakers with its own brand of speakers called Jaguar Speaker.

The new speakers will be based on Jaguar’s Jaguar Audio range of speaker systems and will come with a slew of different configurations.

They include the Jaguar Audio X3 speaker system with 4X4 woofers, the Jaguar X2 speaker system and the Jaguar HD1 speaker system.

The X3 is the cheapest of the new speakers, priced at £1,499.

It will come as standard with 4×4 woofer and a single 3.5mm jack, as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

The X2 is also a £1 to £199 speaker system, with a single 2.5 mm jack.

The HD1 will cost £2,999, and will include 4×2 woofer, 2.2mm stereo and Bluetooth connectivity, as the X1 has.

The speakers will also be compatible with all the Jaguar’s smartphones, including the Jaguar C3, the new XQ7, and the new Q8, with the latter being available as a 4K smartphone.

These speakers will make for a great price when they hit UK shelves in March 2019.

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