Shoaalanda talks about ‘the dream of peace’

The mother of Shoaali Barghathi spoke about her daughter’s life as a Palestinian child.

“Shoaali, you are very special to us,” Shoaalam Barghati told The Lad.

“You are the one who helped us in every way,” she said.

“Our dreams and hopes are bigger than anything else.

It’s because of you that we are living.”

The family has been living in the Israeli settlement of Nablus since October 2015.

Their daughter was born in a hospital in the occupied West Bank and grew up there.

She was given to an Israeli settler mother and her father was forced to flee the West Bank.

In January, the Israeli military arrested Barghatis and her son for crossing into Israel from the occupied territories.

They were then deported back to the occupied Palestinian territories.

The family, whose two children are now in the US, say they are scared.

“We don’t know if we can return home, we don’t want to stay in the same place.

The world is different and we can’t go back,” Shonaalanda Barghasi said.

In October, the family applied to return to the US to visit their daughter, but Israeli authorities told them they couldn’t visit.

They were refused entry and were refused visas.

A petition to the Israeli Supreme Court said they were not allowed to visit Shoaalis parents.

The court has now ordered an investigation.

Shoaalandis mother says her son is still in prison and cannot visit her because of her petition for asylum.

“The Israeli government has no right to detain him.

He was born here,” Shoraalanda said.

“This is a country where people have the right to live without fear.”

Shoaalinga Barghidi is now in detention in Israel.

Shoraaland is one of more than 500 Palestinians in Israeli jails, most of them children who are in the West.

They are all being held in conditions which include water deprivation, limited access to sunlight, and no access to medical care.

Shoaland’s mother, Shonaalam Baraghati, said her son has been in solitary confinement for over two years and cannot see her or her daughter.

She also said they are not allowed food and they cannot sleep.

“There are only three blankets on the floor.

They are only allowed one and that’s it,” Sholaam Barghalli said.

“We do not know how to sleep.”

Shonaaland says she has been held for more than a year.

The Barghats are now trying to find a way to bring their daughter to the United States so they can visit her.

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