Speaker-to-speaker audio technology hits $30 million milestone

A new wireless speaker that can deliver sound from the speakers to the user through speakers attached to the phones, smartphones, tablets and computers is on track to hit $30M in its first year, as more than 200,000 orders are now being placed.

The product, the JBL-QFX speaker, uses a pair of wireless speakers that are attached to smartphones and tablets, and can deliver high-quality sound through speakers mounted to the device, according to the company.

That makes it ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy music in the car, the workplace or at a movie theater.

The speakers also work in tandem with JBL’s JBL Audio Studio app that allows users to record music and share it with their friends, said Jay Kuchera, JBL senior vice president of product marketing.

He added that the speakers also offer high-resolution audio to those who are connected via Bluetooth headsets.

The company says the product will be available for sale by the end of 2018.

It was launched in May 2018 and has sold nearly 10,000 units.

The first JBL speakers are already available, and the company plans to expand its product lineup, Kucchera said.

For more on the JB Hi-Fi speaker line, watch the video above.

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