When you put a gold speaker on your desk, the best thing to do is buy one of these reviews

If you want a gold-plated speaker that’s the latest model and it doesn’t suck, then the new Mini-Speaker Series from Onn is the one for you.

Onn has a lot of great features that are on the gold version of the speaker, but the one thing you really should know about this speaker is that you can’t actually use the gold one.

Instead, you can use this new MiniSpeaker with any Onn speaker.

I have a little bit of experience with the Onn speakers and they all work great with my iPhone 6 Plus.

The Mini-speakers sound really good.

It is a little louder than my previous Onn and a little quieter than my iPhone 7 Plus, but not by much.

The speakers are bright and crisp, with just the right amount of bass.

The speaker comes with a wireless charging cable and a case for the speakers, but if you don’t want to use the case, you could buy an optional gold version and get a wireless speaker.

This is a great value if you want to upgrade to a higher-quality speaker and it is not the best price you can find, but it’s definitely worth it.

The Onn Mini-towers are very similar to the Onns in appearance and feel, but they are a little more substantial.

If you are buying the gold edition, you are getting a bigger speaker.

The gold version comes in a 10.1-inch size and comes with an 8-hour battery life.

I would say it lasts about three days of typical use, and that’s with a full charge.

I like that the gold speaker is actually powered by an external battery, which means you can charge it with a USB port.

The Onns are a bit more pricey than their gold counterparts.

You will pay $99 for the 10.9-inch version, which has a 6.3-hour rating, and the 8.1 inch version, with a 6-hour runtime.

I do not know why Onn decided to go with 8 hours.

It sounds like it would be better for battery life and I would have preferred a bigger battery.

The Onns also come with a case that comes with the speakers and charging cable.

The speaker itself is also bigger than the Onners, but you will pay about $100 more for that one, and you will get a better sound with the bigger speaker and a longer battery life, which I think is better than the 10-hour and 8-hours ratings.

The new Onn 10.5-inch speakers are more expensive than the older models, and I think they are still more expensive.

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