Which speakers will you buy for the holidays?

It’s a busy time of year, and this year we’re seeing a boom in speakers.

And we’ve got some very competitive options in there.

First up is the Bose Mini Speaker, the most affordable, compact speaker around.

Bose is taking its Mini speakers to the streets with a nationwide nationwide launch on December 8, including a pair for the New Year’s Eve party.

The $299 Bose Ultra Mini is the first speaker from the company’s line of mini speakers that are designed to fit snugly in your pocket.

It comes with a built-in wireless microphone and comes with Bluetooth speaker functionality.

The company has also announced a pair of $79 Beats headphones.

They are the first of Bose’s premium headphones, which are designed for more advanced listening.

It will be available on December 10, and comes in black and white for $129.

The other speaker on our list is the JamBluetooth Speaker, a $199 speaker that features Bluetooth pairing and Bluetooth audio streaming.

This one is designed to help you get a better sound quality and to make it easy to listen to music with headphones.

The JamBlu Bluetooth Speaker is also available on November 23, with an MSRP of $199.

It’s available in black or white and comes as a pair.

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