The Lad: ‘We’re a group of guys, we’re a bunch of guys who are just looking to get to the bottom of things and make the world a better place’

The Lad is a weekly magazine that covers the Lebanese and Lebanese-speaking world.

It is a monthly publication published by The Lad, a Beirut-based online magazine.

It was founded in 2015.

It was launched as a Lebanese-language publication and it is run by Lebanese-Arab journalist and journalist’s friend Nour Ommal and her husband, Ali Ommar.

Ommal says she started writing Lad in 2010 when she was living in Lebanon as a journalist.

The Lad began as a website and it was initially a one-man operation.

“We were just going to write articles about our daily life, and we would have to work with other people in order to finish it.

Then, we decided that we wanted to be able to do it with a group, and a bunch,” she says.

“We started the website, we started the publication, we published our first issue in 2017.

We had a few months left before we closed the website and we closed it completely.”

After that, she says, she was busy with her job as a social media editor for the Lebanese media company Newsa TV.

In October 2016, she had a dream of being the first female journalist to cover Lebanon for a Lebanese newspaper.

She was a journalist and a journalist, she tells Al Jazeera.

“It was like I had two dreams, and I didn’t even know what they were until I was a couple of years later.”

“And I think that is what we have been doing since, and that is the same thing that we have always done in Lebanon,” she adds.

When I met Omma, she is in her mid-30s and in her final year of graduate studies at the University of Alberta, Canada.

She is a journalist who was a senior editor at the Lebanese newspaper Al-Ahram.

She has worked in journalism for a number of publications, including the National Post and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Oemal says that in the years following her graduation from the university, she went to Beirut to interview various media personalities about their lives, and she wanted to write about Lebanese-Americans.

“My goal was to be the first Lebanese-American journalist to come to Lebanon and speak about Lebanese culture, and to have a presence there,” she said.

“I also wanted to go to the city and meet Lebanese people, so I could be part of the Lebanese community.

That was a big part of it.”

Omma says she came to Beirut in 2008 as a graduate student and she went on to work for several Lebanese-based publications, and then in the past year she has been working for the news outlet al-Makr TV.

“When I was living there, there was a lot of Lebanese in the city, and the Lebanese-Canadian community.

And that’s what I was really attracted to, because there is a Lebanese community there,” Ommah says.”

And, so, I thought, I’m going to try to be part it.

I’m not going to be a journalist but I’m also going to help make a change.”

Oamal was one of the first journalists to visit Lebanon after the 2010 earthquake and has been there for many years.

She says the Lebanese people are great, and they are very supportive.

“They welcome you, they are really kind, and their language is very, very different from the English language,” she explains.

“And so, it’s just a good atmosphere to be in, especially in Lebanon, where I have lived my whole life.”

Omal says her experience with the Lebanese press has been positive.

“The media in Lebanon is a very important part of my life, especially since I was in Beirut, and as a reporter, and also as a community journalist.

I love it here, and it’s one of my proudest moments as a writer, a journalist,” she concludes.

“I think the Lebanese are great people.

I think the people in Lebanon are really nice.”

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